Police & Sheriff Calls

August 8

Arrested Twice in One Day: Aaron James Ziebell, 28, was arrested for criminal damager to property and criminal trespassing at a School Road residence in Amherst Junction. The arrest was made at 12:04 AM. Ziebell was arrested again at 6:37 AM for burglary from another School Road residence, where he allegedly stole a package of 105 candy bars, a bottle of Kessler Whiskey, a bottle of Five Star Brandy and $15 in change and small bills.

Busted With Pot: Travis J. Shepherd, 23, was arrested during a traffic stop at Wojcik Memorial Drive & Torus Road at 7:29 PM. During a vehicle search deputies discovered less than 5 grams of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

Tenant’s Family Causing Trouble: A caller on Jordan Lane reported a relative of an evicted tenant throwing sticks and rocks at the building at 8:15 PM. The relative apparently felt the tenant was unfairly evicted.

3rd OWI: Rodolfo Silva was cited for his 3rd OWI on I-39 near mile marker 171 near Mosinee at 8:44 PM.

August 10

Driving While Stoned: 21 year-old Quenton Michael Francis was busted during a traffic stop near Hwy 66 and I-39 at 2:42 AM for his first OWI. Francis was cited for possession of marijuana (5 grams or less) and drug paraphernalia.

Trespassing Crop Dusters: A 60 year-old man called authorities at 10:15 AM to report what he considered to be a pattern of harassment by area crop dusters near his 4th Street property in Almond. The man felt the crop dusters were trespassing.

Potential Turtle Murderer, Cherry Picker on the Loose: A 43 year-old man reported that an unknown person strung up dead turtles in trees on his property and picked all his cherries on his Torun Road property.

August 11

Busted in the Park After Dark: 18 year-old Quade Glenn Travers was warned for being in Lake Emily Park after hours. Travers received his warning at 1:30 AM.

Kids Seeking Haunted House: Several 19 year-olds were warned by authorities after someone reported suspicious activity on Stone Ridge Road in Custer. The 19 year-olds reportedly were looking for the location of a haunted house.